Gordon Scott, CMT

Gordon Scott has been an active investor for nearly twenty years and has coached individuals for more than a decade. He learned the art of day-trading from a personal coach, a former NASDAQ market maker, who taught him an insider’s perspective. From that experience he went on to become a licensed broker, a proprietary day trader and a full-time trader in securities, futures and forex. He began coaching as a way to further his own learning and simultaneously help others. He earned his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, the premier designation in Technical Analysis, awarded by the Market Technicians Association ( to those who demonstrate an aptitude in analyzing a wide variety of technical studies over different markets.

Gordon has coached over one thousand individual students with account sizes ranging from 4 to 8 figures. He is a master at personalizing the learning experience for coaching students.

Gordon is a published author. He co-authored the book “Invest to Win,” with Toni Turner. The book was published by McGraw-Hill in January of 2013 and is available on or at major bookstores.

When he is not trading or discussing the trading with coaching students, Gordon currently serves as the Managing Director of the CMT program for the Market Technician’s Association. In former career work he developed curricula for investor and trading education in all asset classes. He holds a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology and worked for IBM for 10 years developing instructional material and business process refinement. He also served as an adjunct faculty member of BYU’s Organizational Strategy and Leadership department.

He currently resides in New York and actively contributes to such sites as,, and

Hal Lewis

Hal Lewis has been involved in the Investment Industry since his introduction in 1983 to Investments at the University of Utah. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Finance and also a degree in Management from the University of Utah in 1985.

Mr. Lewis has been a successful and active trader for over 29 years in stocks, stock options, commodities and futures markets. He is also a successful Forex trader. Hal loves educating and helping his students because he wants them to succeed in their investing goals. He knows the importance of having a system to follow and also determining the expectancy of the system along with a risk management plan. Most investors and traders are unaware of the importance of both of these concepts in determining their investment success. Hal looks forward to mentoring you during your investing journey.

Scott Beck

Scott began his career in 1999 working on the trading desk for one of the largest online brokers in the country. As a Series 7 and 63 registered representative he was able to gain a strong understanding of how the markets work from a logistical and operational perspective. It was also in 1999 that he began trading and investing in his own accounts, sparking a strong desire to study and learn as much about the markets and how to trade them as possible. Since that time he has actively traded in various markets, gaining experience trading in stocks, options, futures, and currencies. He left the brokerage industry in 2003 to take a position as a trading coach, and has been working in the investment education industry ever since. Over the past thirteen years he has taught thousands of students successful trading principles and strategies.

Scott believes that regardless of what markets, instruments, or strategies one might trade, achieving success ultimately depends on three core factors: Trading plan development, money management, and trading psychology. He has spent thousands of hours studying and researching these aspects of trading and still gets excited when he is able to help aspiring traders realize how important they are, and what a difference they can make in becoming the type of trader who consistently generates profits.

He also has a strong background in technical analysis, having passed the first level of the Charted Market Technician certification.

Wayne Montierth

Wayne was introduced to trading by a rocket scientist. This rocket scientist figured that principles that allowed missiles to track targets would be applicable to tracking price movements, and began studying the available knowledge on technical analysis. He passed on to Wayne the methodologies and principles that proved to be reliable, and mentored Wayne on trading in the futures market.

A natural analyst, Wayne became passionate about trading and chart analysis. Over almost 20 years in the construction industry, some of it owning his own business, Wayne traded and studied technical analysis as much as he could. When his brother became frustrated with his own stock trading experience, Wayne stepped in and helped him apply the same technical principles to the stock market. After experiencing the leverage advantages of the futures markets, Wayne soon started learning about and trading options and forex.

One of Wayne’s other passions is weight training, and has over 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, including experience teaching at the high school and college level . He has extensive knowledge of physiological systems and movement, and has published articles in National publications. Wayne found significant similarities between the movement of price and human movement, and has used his expertise in both disciplines to make him better at practicing and teaching both.

After leaving the construction industry, Wayne’s teaching and trading skills were put to work in the investment education business for over 12 years, educating thousands of students. He is a perpetual student of technical analysis and earned his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation awarded by the Market Technicians Association.

Wayne is a true believer in technical analysis from a statistical perspective. From the rocket scientist he learned to trade a written plan that establishes consistency with principles that give you a definitive edge. Those principles are well adapted to successfully trade stocks, options, forex and futures, and Wayne brings a passion to trading and teaching others what was generously taught to him.